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Microchips, hurricanes, and summer travel with your pet

Summer is here, and with it comes the start of hurricane season as well as the major travel time of the year for most of us. While not everyone travels with their pet, many of us have been affected by evacuations due to hurricanes or flooding. Humans get pretty stressed out during these situations, even just during family vacations, so I’m sure you can imagine that Fluffy and Fido are also stressed and maybe scared. The most well behaved, well trained pet in the world can still get totally scared in a new environment and run away out of fear. Generally the worse possible time for this to occur is during travel or an evacuation, because there’s not always time to safely search for them.

Collars and tags, or an adjustable harness, are great options for identification but they can get broken or be taken off. Microchips offer permanent, non-removable identification that is uniquely linked to you and your pet(s). The companies that host these services operate 24 hour help lines for reporting found pets, and requesting resources for locating lost pets.

The microchip procedure is very quick, and is well tolerated by cats and dogs (and even bigger birds, ferrets, bunnies, and other exotics) and is over within seconds. A glass encased ‘chip, approximately the size of a grain of rice, is implanted under the skinĀ over the shoulders using a needle. Nearly all shelters and veterinary offices use a special handheld scanner in order to read the ‘chip number, and then are able to contact the company to get the owner’s information and reunite pet and family. Several times per year a ‘lost’ dog is brought by the clinic here and we are able to locate their families because they are microchipped.

Every June Claiborne Hill offers special pricing on microchips and registration to help our clients ensure that they and their pets are reunited in the event of separation. Contact the clinic today to make an appointment to have your furry family members ‘chipped.

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