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Poison Prevention and your Pets

March 18th- 24 is National Poison Prevention week, and we want to share some helpful information and links to help you better protect your pet from dangerous foods and substances in their environment.

While many safety measures are common sense, we often don’t think about the risks to our pets that are posed by things that are part of our homes.

  • Store all human and pet medications out of reach of pets (and children). You should also always store these items in their original containers as the package label may contain valuable safety information.
  • Ensure that pesticides and fertilizers are stored off the ground in secure containers, and be sure to clean up any spills right away.
  • Household cleaners should be kept away from pets, in a closet, cabinet, or above the level your pet can reach.
  • If you plan to introduce new plants to your home or garden, check out the ASPCA’s list of poisonous plants for information of what might be dangerous for Fluffy and Fido.¬†
  • While they are becoming much more common in our households many essential oils can be very dangerous for your pets. Specifically Tea Tree oil, which is never safe for pets in oil form. Never apply Tea Tree oil to your pet, or diffuse it in a room they are occupying.

Stay tuned for our next post on toxic substances, to learn more about which foods humans eat that aren’t safe for our pets.

If your pet has gotten into a potentially dangerous substance the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center phone number is: (888)426-4435

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